• Hand Poured Akron Pride

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Hand Poured Akron Pride

Started by a husband challenged by his wife.

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All-time Best Seller

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gimme me rosey goodness

“One of few candles we actually light in the house and my favorites to give. There’s a perfect scent for everyone. Tins and tumblers designs make them even more perfect."

Nat Hansumrittisak - Akron

"Two things I love about ordering from Akron Candle Company; supporting a local small business, and the candles are fantastic. Can't go wrong with any of the scents, but my favorites are #beachreads and #pipedreams."

Richie Lipton - Hudson, Ohio

"I own and love several Akron Candle Company candles. My favorite is #unisexy.  It's teak and musk so it's not too sweet.  I can let it burn for a long time without the smell becoming overpowering. It's a warm and comforting smell."

Silas Hite - Los Angeles, California

"Akron Candle Company goes above and beyond with their customer service, quality products and homage to Akron. Their clean burning and continuously good smelling candles make the perfect gift to others or yourself!"

Marie Cottrill - Stow, Ohio

Chandler you say?

No we aren't talking Chandler Bing from friends...a chandler is a candle maker. Founder, Blair Scott is our Head Chandler, learn more about Blair >

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