About ACC

Akron Candle Company was the idea of founder and head chandler Blair Scott in the summer of 2017.

Blair and his wife Liz, owner of once stationery boutique turned who-knows-what, Lovely Somethings, were traveling through upstate New York and brainstorming ideas for her shop. Blair found himself intrigued by the idea of creating a physical product and upon leaving one of the shops declared “I’m going to make candles!” Starting a small business is never that simple of course. After much testing and trials, the first editions of Akron Candle Company tins were launched in the fall of 2017, followed by the gold glass and blimp tumblers for the holidays that year.

Akron Candle Company prides itself on using premium soy wax and scents, cotton wicks, quality tins and hand-painted glass tumblers made here in Ohio. Each candle is hand-poured with love from their home on Yellow Creek. As every Akronite is always excited by the sight of the blimp soaring high in the sky, his candles have received an equally welcome reception from their packaging and more importantly their scrumptious scents. Hopefully they will bring you as much joy as Blair has creating them and they make the perfect hostess gift, or any gift.

A little bit more about Blair... Blair Scott grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio and attended the prestigious Frost School of Music at The University of Miami, Florida, focusing on jazz performance, with his trusty trombone, and production. Upon returning to Northeast Ohio, he translated the production side to programming and has worked for some of the top marketing firms in the area, developing website, software and much more. In 2011, he met Liz through a coworker while at a happy hour in Downtown Cleveland. Within a few months, he moved in to her Akron house and began learning the joys this Rubber City has to hold, but still refuses to call a tree lawn a devil strip! In October 2013, they were married and moved that same month to their home on Yellow Creek, in Bath, where he hand pours each and every candle. He works from 9-5 (and more) for the wonderful Atlanta based, Search Discovery, and spends his free time pouring candles, getting beaten in every board/card game possible by his wife, playing video games remotely with friends and snuggling with their furry babies, Neo the cat, Quinn a Wheaten Terrier and Piper a Silver Lab.

A tiny bit about Liz... In 2021, Liz hopped on board even more, and is currently responsible for Akron Candle Company's design, marketing and wholesale. Liz Scott is also the Marketing Director at Don Drumm Studios & Gallery and is the voice behind their social media as well. Born and raised in West Akron, Liz is intimately familiar with this awesome city of ours and loves that her hubby has adopted it and is trumpeting its joy through his candle creations. 

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